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Our projects and programs

Here is the list of the projects and programs we are currently running or are looking for help to start.


Not so much time ago God has put in our heart to go to radio stations, TV companies and newspapers in Vladivostok city to find a way to use them for the glory of Jesus. It is sad that we were not able organize that earlier since local churches do not have any access to television, radio or newspapers to give people hope and Good news about our Lord Jesus Christ and information about local churches. People (nonbelievers) in our area because of influence of Orthodox Church and lack of information about local Christian Churches mainly have opinion that any other church than orthodox is a "sect". That is why our primarily goal is, we are aiming to make live (real time) TV program about 30 minutes per week, where pastors from different churches can come, to give live teaching from the bible and answer telephone calls, at the end Christian video-clip during the clip will be given addresses of Christian churches in Vladivostok. Something the same we are planning for a newspaper, an article, and invitation to churches. We did not get far for now but it does not stop us from trying, lately we were able to approach local TV company that has a good attitude towards non orthodox Christians (orthodox church has great influence on the TV channels in Russia, in fact 90% of information about Christianity comes from orthodox priests and churches. Big problem.) We actually were using that channel to advertise Christian invents in our city. Our church at the moment is not able to cover all the expenses to organize regular weekly program but we have open doors and able, committed to the aim people, who are ready to go and do the work. 
If you are somehow connected to the work in this field and can help to run it or would like to help financially to help to buy the time for broadcasting of Christian programs please contact us through: vladivostok@ica.ru.

God gave us great vision for the church and Vladivostok City. There is a lot of work to be done. We can do nothing by ourselves and need to be in unity with the church in the world.
We believe our God is almighty and can easily provide our needs. Please pray with us for our plans that God take care of our most important needs
Our church is very small though for Vladivostok City it is very common; we have about 35 members who come to the church for all meetings and in total about 45-55 people at the services. 
One of the things we constantly have problems with
is a place to meet. The church is growing and sometimes we have about 40 people at the services, the place that we rent now is not big and we feel that soon we will have to look for a new, bigger room. Renting of a place that is convenient for the services is about 600- 650 $. Per month.
During the last few years
due to the new Russian law that does not allow to Christian  churches use 80% of buildings for rent ( Schools, libraries, Cultural Houses, Universities, Collages, Apartments/flats  etc. We were kicked out  from buildings we rented many times. Once an owner of the building we were renting just closed the door before our faces  without any notification. We had to dismiss people and close the service. It took several weeks to find another building. Several people (new believers) do not come to the meetings since that time. Since that time we are more diligent in prayer for our own Prayer House.

At the present time we are looking for a piece of land for future building of church's own House of Prayer, which we are going to use for different purposes. First of all for the church's meetings, bible studies, prayer meetings, pastors prayer meetings, work with children, youth, computer class, bible school etc. Office for the church and for ICA-interdenominational Christian association "Christianity beyond borders" (Web-Server and team of people) committed to help to the local churches to develop websites, get access to internet, email, web-hosting, information about Christian activity here, intense training, instructing webmasters etc. We already have some amount of money to buy a plot of land for future building, please pray for God's leading in this matter. Now, due to the new agricultural law, there is great chaos in local government, beforehand the land has never being given for ownership or sold to people but the people were usually taking it as long-terms land-rent (usually 50 years contract) now as we see here in Vladivostok prices for land go up and down, the ownership documents that worked yesterday do not work today and we do not know what will be tomorrow. People who have long-terms land-rent contract with government, or have privet houses can buy land from government for a lower price. For people who just want to buy land, like we are, the price is much bigger. We actually have many ways to go, to buy a privet house with a piece of land or land that belong to somebody according to the long terms land-rent contract and afterwards try to buy it from government for a lower price. Or simply to save up more money and buy it according to the new law, that is more expensive but the risk is less. We do not see what is the best for now and how much time is needed for government to put everything in order. Please join us in prayer in this matter, so that we see exactly know what is in God's heart concerning that. Thank you.

Another thing is we need different kinds of licensed software.

The Church is located in Russia. In our daily work we need different programs for the most effective work. It is very easy to buy any software in Russia and it will be only 3$ for any of them. For example MS Office or Corel Draw is available to anybody for 3$. Even companies, organizations and churches have to use this programs because of the financial crisis.
To buy a new licensed one is very expensive for example Corel Draw is 545$ MS Office even more.
Please if you have updated your computer
or by other reason have an old licensed software listed bellow it can help greatly to the churches and ministries to work for God's Glory here.

 It is very sad that, due to the financial crisis in our country, we can not buy these software ourselves. You will make a great contribution to our work if you support us with any of the products listed bellow.

We will be very glad to receive any help, prayer and encouragement!

 Web software:

Macromedia Flash
Corel Xara
Corel Draw

Office software:

Adobe Page Maker


Notebook PC or Macintosh
If you have an old or secondhand MAC or PC computer and would like to offer it for the ministry in Vladivostok we would greatly appreciate that.


Also if you would like to help us in some other way please contact us using this email:
calvary@ica.ru . Thank you.

We also give thanks to God  for you and your prayers. Special thanks to:
Calvary Chapel Church in Juneau, Alaska for offering Front Page 2000 for the Web work.
To a Church or  a  man for offering WinZip 8,1 (we do not know the name of a person who offered).
Tim R. Vronay for offering MS Office.

May God bless and reward you in hundredfold.

Love and peace be with you. VCCC