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       In October 1991 Calvary Chapel pastor Mick Ewing and a group of Christians from Juneau, Alaska came to meet with the Christians and church leaders in the Vladivostok area. They brought with them bibles and church supplies purchased by churches in Juneau. It was during this trip that the idea of continuing to assist and encourage existing churches and at the same time starting new church fellowships in different regions of the city was first discussed. 

The following May 1992, Mick returned with Rick Slater to prepare for a group to return in June and present an Inductive Bible Study training seminar for pastors and church leaders. In June a team of individuals returned and held the seminar, which was attended by approximately fifty church leaders from several churches. Evangelistic meetings were held each evening with many repenting and believing on Jesus. At that time one new church group was organized as a result of these meetings.

Mick returned several times over the next three years for ministry and to bring support and encouragement for the new church groups that were starting. A ministry team consisting of Don and Jeanne Davis, their two children and three singles, Sue Ryan, John Wahl, and David Knuth moved to Vladivostok to assist in ministry for two years.

In 1995 pastor Mick, his wife Sherrie and their daughter Hannah moved to Vladivostok to work with a new ministry that was being started by a small group of Russian friends. A location was found to hold bibles studies in a music school in the Second River region of the city. Mick continued these studies for almost two years. During this time Slava Brejnev was assisting Mick as translator and helper.

In 1997 Slava attended the Calvary Chapel Bible School in Austria for one semester. During this time Mick and his family moved back to Juneau with the plan of Slava returning to pastor the new church. When Slava returned he continued as the leader of this new fellowship. Mick returned in June of the following year with Pastor Lance Ralston of Calvary Chapel Oxnard, California and teacher Mel Folkertsma of Mentone, California for an evangelism outreach in the Second River region. During this trip Slava Brejnev was commissioned as the pastor of the new church fellowship.

In October of 1999 Slava went to Europe and did not return back. The bible group was left without pastor. In 1999 Roman Gorlov got involved and was helping the group to stay together. At the end of 1999 Life in the Word Christian Church was registered, and Roman Gorlov has been leading the Church since then.


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